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knowyoursellers's Journal

Know Your Sellers
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All Members , Moderated


The idea of this community is to get to know the people you are buying, selling or trading with - the communities we are all a part of are very interactive, yet none of us know anything about each other. Lets change that. This community is for FUN. There is no nastiness here, just making friends!

Easy rules to follow:
* No spamming or advertising your community.
* Place pictures bigger than 600x600 pixels behind a cut. Or, if you post more than one picture please put that behind a cut, too!
* Don't be a lurker. Lurkers are creepy.

After you join, please complete the following survey and place it behind an LJ-cut:


Current Feedback:

Tell us a little about yourself, then:

Please post 5 pictures of yourself (more or less is allowed, within reason!):

What are your interests and hobbies?

What do you LOVE?

What do you HATE?

Please post 10 pictures that explain your life, friends and family - give us an idea of who you are! You can give them captions or explanations if you want.

How long have you been buying/selling/trading for?

Why do you buy/sell/trade on livejournal?

What are the best things you have got over Livejournal? (Pictures if you want!)

Have you made any friends on livejournal?

Any positive buying/selling/trading experiences you want to tell us about?

Any negative ones?

Tell us 10 random facts about you!

Post some random pictures that you like!


So that survey should be fun.
This community has moderated posts, just to stop people advertising or spamming, or being mean - it happens! Anyone can join, we're not fussy here.

Have fun guys, and if you have any questions contact mycarboot!